Photography and art my way, through my eyes to yours

In recovery, but feeling inspired

It seems that I am recently hearing about people being hurt.

Don’t feel all alone on this one, I have joined you as well.  I have an injury that has kept me off my toes which has left me lounging around like a couch potatoe.

There is so much energy built up inside me that I have to do something very soon or I will go Crazy.  I feel the need to explore my backyard for photos.  I have never really taken the challenge to do so yet, but after taking another photography course I feel the need to explore and take photos of a place that I am very familiar with visually.

My challenge is to make my backyard look good.  It’s also been awhile since the last time I came to Texas.  I will see if everything is actually bigger in Texas.

On a completely other note that had nothing to do with what is written above.  Here is a photo take in Portland, Maine at a friends house.  This photo was calling for me, and well I think I answered. Enjoy.


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