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Drawings 1/23/13


Male Model 1 (portrait)



Male Model


Drawings from Sessions on 12.5.12 and 12.12.12












Getting reconnected with drawing after a busy summer and travel season.

Hermitage Painting/Statue Studies

One of my favorite activities to do at the Hermitage museum was drawing/sketching.

Whenever I had time, I headed from Petrograskii Island over two bridges to reach the Hermitage , usually on foot.  It was one of my favorite walks, that I will have engraved in my head for a good while. Sadly I didn’t reach my goal of completing my Russian sketchbook with studies at the museum, but I think I managed to get some good drawings and studies.  I thought it was more meaningful to draw rather then photograph the artwork, I guess because it feels like I interact more with the art if I draw it.

And so I spent an hour or two drawing when I would go.  I was actually teaching someone how to draw but we had scheduling trouble and she never got back to me about it, but regardless, I found the time to draw because it is my passion.

Sometimes it was hard to focus; The museum is always full of tourists and overwhelming and too fast pace for me.  So many times I found I was not in the right mindset to begin drawing, so I had to warm up with sketches to turn my right-brain on.  I sometimes still could not flip the switch and get into the mood, it was as though my muse was gone.  But I think it was the overall experience of feeling overwhelmed in the streets of Russia.  It drained me at first, but toward the end of the trip I managed to overcome that.

I am rambling on.  But for now enjoy these drawings of mine ( they are photos, not scanned unfortunately. I was also lazy and didn’t want to change the copyright.)

Putting it to paper

I’m always up for drawing models, though my approach it very strict in the sence that my line is very tight and strict.  I wish I could relax sometimes and not be worried about the outcome, and enjoy the process more.

But it looks better in a sketchbook this way…  I want to try to go back to my original shading ways, but the hatching is working for me know.

Line is a complicated issue!

Model drawing

More sketches, Anatomy , Portraits



The glimpse of an eye

Eyes are always an interesting subject, there is so much about them: Their beauty, their intricacy, their lies, their mood.

An eye can make a drawing right or wrong, it can give a drawing life or take it away.

They can determine ethnicity and bound us to categories.

They can make people fall in love with us, they can make people turn away from us.

They ALLOW us to SEE

What would I do with out them?

What would they do without us?

My eyes view eyes today.