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Hathorn hall (Bates College)



A photographer photographing a photographer: A story about meeting a Mentor.

What happens when this happens?

a great photograph.

What happens when the photographer’s wife is a writer?
A good combination writing-photographing journalism team.

This is what happened

I had the pleasure (an understatement) of meeting Jose Leiva, a photographer of the Sun journal Newspaper in Lewiston-Auburn area in Maine.

The most surprising of all this is that he is from Laredo, Texas about 1.5 hours from San Antonio, and we met in Maine, where I go to college. With a simple phone conversation to schedule a time to meet, I realized something good was going to come of our meeting besides this news article. My eyes almost filled with tears reading it.

I think I met a mentor, more so than just a friend. It is amazing how life just falls into place like this. And how you fall into the hands of the right people.

Thank you Jose and thank you to those who have done the same for me.

My way to repay this is to pass this down.  And that is my goal in life.

Thanks for all my friends and everyone out there who has put a stepping stone in my way to hop over, and for those who held out their hands as I was making that leap.

God Bless,


Sunday Stills:Best (2) shots of 2009 from Sundays Stills

My first choice for this Sunday Stills challenge was easy.   You guys were the reason for it;  your comments seemed to point me straight to electing this photo.  I realized in a photography class last year, that my choices for my best photos, are not always the “popular” choice.  So I am trusting you with this one!  Thank you for those comments!

The second choice however, proved much more difficult.  I also realized I haven’t been a good contributor to Sunday Stills, by the amounts of posts I have done.  Anyhow,  I think my choice for this would be this:

I made the choice to use this photo because of its sharpness, contrast, and the balance of the photo.  The subject matter was odd enough to make this photo intriguing.  Oddly enough, I am not much of a fan of central compositions, possibly because I had trouble deviating from such compositions in drawing.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday Stills: Technology

The thrill of Sunday Stills.  This was a hard one for me.  Especially after a long week of finals, traveling, and now Jet-lag!

Thanks Russia!!  I missed the fact that my challenge wasn’t done there.  But I am glad to be back in Texas!

Getting off track there.

Well here is my tech for today, enjoy!

It’s all near the end and I am not yet satisfied

My semester Abroad in Russia is nearing an end.  I have exactly a week left, I leave next Thursday morning.

The trip is almost over now, due to the fact that days get smaller and professors have flooded us with tests and papers, I don’t think I will be able to go out any longer and buy souvenirs, hang out, or even take photos.  What makes me more stressed out is the latter, because I feel like I don’t have that final photo, that I am happy with, that I can say, “these 4 months were worth this photo.”  This is where I need more practice; I need to want the photo more than I do now.

At the same time I am ready to leave, ready to return home and be able to express myself fully in languages I can completely understand.  To a place, where I am the same as everyone else.  I can tell the trip has take a toll on me, especially the lack of light.  I sleep less, I am less social, and less motivated.

I need light, it is the basis of photography, but I need it to bring me back to being me.  Suddenly this thought shot through my head..My name “Uriel” means angel of light, or God’s light.  I could never live up to the name, especially with my behavior towards some people as of lately, I have failed them, but I can’t bring myself to put things back in their place, no matter how hard I try.  I have my regrets, but the way I face them is not the best.   My name means such a thing, but at the moment I am not anyone’s light, nor could I be.

I am in search of it.  Please come back to me…

Random photo here:

Sunday Stills: Halloween

I am in Russia, not much of a place for Halloween, but we did the best we could do spending money on candy and this pumpkin we carved.  Halloweeny enough?

The second carving is a famous Russian cartoon character.  Chyeburashka!

The bronze Horseman, without the horseman

The Bronze Horseman, one of the great symbols of the city of Petersburg.

Peter the Great, one of the greatest Russian Tsars mounted on a horse looking out into the distance.  A visionary man, who decided to build a great city on the swamps of Northern Russian.  A city seen as the window to the west.

The city summed up in a sentence.  “Saint Petersburg is Russia, but not Russian.”

The Bronze Horseman, character of Pushkin’s poetry.


This first shot is not necessarily well composed, it is just to give a context of the statue.