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Drawings 1/23/13


Male Model 1 (portrait)



Male Model


Everything Bigger in Texas? Rancho Poco Loco (part I)

Keep Gate Closed

Equine pro

Texas is the place I call home, Maine is where I go to school.  I alternate between these two settings during the year, each offering a completely different feel to it, with its people, the culture, laws, etc.  Aesthetically,  they are very different.  But I have grown used to seeing my college campus and my backyard, in a way bored of it.

The only way I can think of reviving it is through photography.  How do you take something you ordinarily see and make it interesting and meaningful to you and other viewers?  That was my task.

Since I took a course in documetary photography (which is a term that cannot clearly be defined in the words of many photographers and art critics),  I wanted to take that sort of approach in showing my backyard and my Texas.  Though, I feel that my photos are a bit more artsy (a really bad term for this but the only one to suit this.  Probably better said, conscious of formal elements of Art).  Well here is part one of documenting my backyard:  Rancho Poco Loco.

Please critique, and I promise more will come from this series.

Thanks for viewing what my eyes view.


More sketches, Anatomy , Portraits



The glimpse of an eye

Eyes are always an interesting subject, there is so much about them: Their beauty, their intricacy, their lies, their mood.

An eye can make a drawing right or wrong, it can give a drawing life or take it away.

They can determine ethnicity and bound us to categories.

They can make people fall in love with us, they can make people turn away from us.

They ALLOW us to SEE

What would I do with out them?

What would they do without us?

My eyes view eyes today.




I tend to try and stay away from macro because I feel like it’s the “thing” everyone is doing and I feel like it’s pretty easy to make a picture look “artsy” with this approach.  Maybe i’m taking things a bit to far,  but it’s only to make myself stand out from the crowd.

Though I won’t lie and say I don’t use macro, because it’s something fun to do and sometimes its the way to get the best picture, especially if your trying to focus on texture and sometimes pattern.   You can also get a very foreshortened  effect and distortion in size of objects, which can be desirable.

For this picture I just had an itch to take such a photo, the weather and time weren’t allowing me to go outside to do so.   I don’t think it’s a great photo, but I haven’t posted in some days, and it was fun trying this.wires

Changing it up a bit: Drawin’

These are some recent drawings and studies.  I just wanted to change the focus of the blog a bit.  The time for photography and drawing to come together will be an exploration I will most likely take on in late April.


jee hye portrait

A visit to Familia for me, a Christmas full of gifts for the poor, and a chance to snap away

Struggle for Morewanting more

I Remember youIt has been about 3 months or so since I made a trip down to my homeland (It didn’t really count when I came down for a few hours to my grandfather’s funeral after this past Thanksgiving). I planned to spend my time with my father and visit my relatives. Though, somehow my father had met up with an old friend who needed my help with translating English and Spanish for some “gavachos” (as my dad said). I thought this could be interesting, but I really had no idea exactly what I was translating or why I would be an interpreter…
So, I ended up in Dos Countries Ranch (Two countries being the US and Mexico) in Zaragoza, Coahuila, Mexico helping out several church organizations from different parts of the Southern U.S. deliver gifts and food to the poor. I was definitely up for it, first of all I would be doing meaningful for Christmas and God, secondly, I would be able to help the people of my country in some form, thirdly, I knew I would be able to take awesome photos ( I can go on and on)…
There were vast amounts of gifts and food; I still wonder how they managed to receive it. At the same time, there were vast amounts of people to reach out to, and many more that we couldn’t help.
I was proud of myself for being on the other side of the spectrum (in many ways); my absence in Zaragoza has made me an outsider, I was a giver and not a receiver, and my current economic standing isn’t at all great, but I am not necessarily in a terrible state as many of these people we aided.
I knew my Christmas was not gonna be one of material gifts with the current standing family situation, but what I didn’t know was that these people in poverty had a gift in return for me, these photos…