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Hathorn hall (Bates College)



Jon Anderson Concert @ Bates College May 15, 2011

The Art Thesis Exhibit in the Bates College Museum of Art! April 8th 6-8pm

If you’re in the area, please drop by. I promise the show will be worth it.  We have a range of talents, specialties, media, themes.

Trust me it will be good.  If you are wondering what I have been up to for the past year art-wise, this is the time to find out.  Otherwise if you have tuned into my blog you have seen teasers of what I have been doing.  Once the show goes up I will put up my artist statement and the rest of the work will slowly be posted on the site.

Bates did a great job of making a teaser for the show that  gives a brief description of my work:

Senior Exhibition 2011: Uriel Gonzalez

Posted by: Bates Views on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

“Calaveracoatl” (2011), inkjet print by Senior Exhibition artist Uriel Gonzalez.

Gonzalez combines his love of two media by drawing on a transparency that he superimposes on a photo he has taken. While his work taps indigenous art from Mexico, Central and South America, he has also been influenced by the Mexican tattoo artist Dr. Lakra. “I aim to explore the identity of Latinos without offending or misrepresenting them,” he says. “These images show pride — an element I see missing in popular portrayals of Latinos.”

A photographer photographing a photographer: A story about meeting a Mentor.

What happens when this happens?

a great photograph.

What happens when the photographer’s wife is a writer?
A good combination writing-photographing journalism team.

This is what happened

I had the pleasure (an understatement) of meeting Jose Leiva, a photographer of the Sun journal Newspaper in Lewiston-Auburn area in Maine.

The most surprising of all this is that he is from Laredo, Texas about 1.5 hours from San Antonio, and we met in Maine, where I go to college. With a simple phone conversation to schedule a time to meet, I realized something good was going to come of our meeting besides this news article. My eyes almost filled with tears reading it.

I think I met a mentor, more so than just a friend. It is amazing how life just falls into place like this. And how you fall into the hands of the right people.

Thank you Jose and thank you to those who have done the same for me.

My way to repay this is to pass this down.  And that is my goal in life.

Thanks for all my friends and everyone out there who has put a stepping stone in my way to hop over, and for those who held out their hands as I was making that leap.

God Bless,


More ceilings!


Pgill Conference room

Olin Valve room

Documenting Ceilings: Bates College

I am still on the topic of documentation through photography but will change subject for this post.

As I have mentioned before, I took a photography course for 5 weeks at Bates College for my short term called “Photography as a Document.”  The course first defined documentary photography, then we view works of different photographers who were considered documentary photographers.

Our course work was a 5week long photography project of a cohesive body of work documenting a certain subject or theme.  We had the option of challenging the concept of documentary photography, or stick with the tradition.

I was inspired by a mini assignment a friend did which included photographing lights.  I wanted to take a subject that everyone sees, but doesn’t really pay attention to.  Something that can seem neglected but still be a necessary whole to something else.  Something with potentional to make interesting, and to give  the viewer another way to “see” it.


The answer was ceilings.  At Bates College.

Coram Library Bates College

Commons 2nd Floor Bates College

Smoke Detector Olin Stairwell

Water Sprinkler Olin

Don’t always trust what you think

My first assignment for my One month Photography “short term” class called “Photography as a document” was not the disaster I expected it to be. Seeing the Bates College campus day to day, it didn’t seem very inspirational to document a certain aspect of the campus. Not much after we were given the assignment, I decided to document banisters. I tried to give the handrails and architectural approach, which didn’t seem to work out.

The critique from the class really surprised me. First of all I should say, I wasn’t too fond of my work. Second of all, one of the 5 pieces that didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the images, was the one that got the most attention as a good photo with a sense of anachronism. This has lead me to post the image for you to see. Please if needed, tell me what I can do to improve! Again, this constructive criticism is one of the most helpful things to an artist.

The first five photos for the assignment will be posted as a gallery. I will enlarge two of the photos that got the most attention during the critique of my work.

Thanks for viewing,