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Sunday stills: decorations







Sunday Stills: Black and White; Sepia

Sunday Stills: Metals

Sunday Stills: Back to Basics, the rule of thirds

Finally back in Texas which means I may be posting regularly.  I am somewhat restricted in the confines of my house, but when I head into San Antonio I will make sure to do my best to complete the challenges to the best of my ability if need be.  For now, sorry for my lack of posting and hopefully I can gain a rhythm again.

Thanks for stopping by.  Cheers,


PS. I think this counts for rule of thirds…I couldn’t pull out my ruler to measure.

Sunday Stills: Go Low, Looking High

For this one I used my cell phone camera.


Sunday Stills: Landscapes

Sorry for my absence;I have been trying to work out a huge photo project for my Building a studio course and trying to figure my summer plans.  I have been drained by trying to get permission to travel to Cuba, which I don’t think will happen in the present time.

For my Building a Studio Practice Course  I am taking on a topic that responds to an audience larger than that of the classroom and it has taken lot of planning thinking and energy on my part.  I am thinking big; thinking of the issues that involve man people like and unlike me.

I am trying to protest what is going on in Arizona through a cohesive body of work.  What makes it difficult is my location; I am too far from home, too far from the problem.  So everything becomes more symbolic and everything means something.  I also have to represent the issue correctly and not preach a solution or push the issue too much,  I also can’t make things too ambiguous.  I am trying to find that balance between everything.

I have also neglected my camera, Vasia, over the past couple of months on the grounds that I haven’t felt inspired.  I had lost something that I am trying to get back.  I have not been inspired by what around me.  But this past weekend, i gained a little of what I lost when I traveled around the Maine Coast.  I needed that fresh air.   It was one of the best weekends I have had here at Bates, yet I feel like I am still missing something.

But these were my weekend shots:

Sunday Stills: Hands

I recommend taking a look at an earlier photo-project done this semester which included hands for this post.

I semi worked with this subject matter for my final project in Photography which will/was due this Thursday the 8th of April.   It was the human figure in general, but you can’t miss working with hands.

I took photos in the Imaging Center at Bates College (I have to give them credit for that).   I have these images you can enjoy ( I hope).