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Sunday Stills: Back to Basics, the rule of thirds

Finally back in Texas which means I may be posting regularly.  I am somewhat restricted in the confines of my house, but when I head into San Antonio I will make sure to do my best to complete the challenges to the best of my ability if need be.  For now, sorry for my lack of posting and hopefully I can gain a rhythm again.

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PS. I think this counts for rule of thirds…I couldn’t pull out my ruler to measure.


San Antonio Photo adventure: Rogelio

This photo deserves a story.  It was my favorite one taken during this day I spent in Downtown San Antonio.

I was hanging around with my best friend in Downtown San Antonio when we decided to head by the Alamo to finish up our photo adventure.

After scoping out tourists with my 55-200 mm lens, we decided to sit down near this Gazebo to wait for Stephanie’s parents to pick us up. A man in a blue, Mexican vest with a brown paper bag walked by and suddenly dropped some change he was carrying in his hand. The coin fell to the ground and rolled over somewhere in front of Stephanie and me. The man followed the coin in vain, but he could not find it. He looked impatient and distressed at the fact that his coin was now gone. Stephanie helped him find the coin and handed it to him. Anyone else would have not helped; anyone else would have left the coin on the ground and walked away, but this man needed the money.

He came to us and asked in Spanish, with a low voice and a submissive posture, for some change. I sensed he felt ashamed asking for money. Stephanie handed him some change; he slightly bowed, giving thanks.

After he left I kept telling Stephanie that I wished I had gotten his portrait. Finally, I got the courage to find this man again and ask him for a photo. So I walked up to him, handed him some change and asked for a portrait. He said, ”Si,” with his eyes lowered, again almost in shame. I took my first shot, which was blurry, so I asked for a retry and he allowed me another one. I asked his name. It was Rogelio, the same name of an uncle of mine who passed away in a terrible event that shook the family. (I didn’t know my Tio Rogelio well.)

I wished Rogelio a Happy New Year and good luck, hoping I could make his day the way he made mine. I left him some change, he left me this photo.

San Antonio photo adventure: Scoping part 1

After coming back from my photo-adventures in Russia, I decided to participate in some photo-adventuring on my own turf, San Antonio, Texas.  It was also a great opportunity to hang out with my best friend, who is not a photographer, but an amazing person and great companion to spend my time with.  We both drag each other on strange and the most random adventures.We began the adventure at the institute of Texan Cultures, where we spent time viewing the rich and cultural heritage of Texas, as well as precolonial history and some Dinosaur things.

When I first whipped out the Nikon, it was on the infamous Riverwalk.  Take a look:

Then walking further down the River towards Rivercenter Mall, I got some shots of the new Hotel here.  Stephanie and I went exploring the inside for  a good hour or so, trying to find our way to a catwalk.  This was a huge detour from the original plan, but well worth it.

Here are a few photos from the hotel.  The next part of this post will be portraits of people hanging around downtown.  (They will include the Alamo)!

till the next one

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For the horses, for the camera

I have been waiting to finally photograph horses.  Since I am very familiar with the animal, I wanted that to show in my photos as well as the many things I see and feel when I’m around the animal.

It’s very hard to make that visible in the photo.  But I tried, and I won’t say much more about my thoughts about a horse until I load the photos that I took today.  This photo here was taken a few days ago when we were praying for the rain to come, as it is much needed around here.  A rainbow appeared and inspired me to photograph it.  I took the opportunity to shoot a few shots of the horses as they were feeding.

Feeding pit

Documenting Rancho Poco Loco Part 4

There are many themes I can see in the photos of my home.  I have been trying to post related photos on the same post.  But this time it will not work.

But work with me on this.

Out of Comission


Out of ComissionB&W

Watering Hole

Documenting Rancho Poco Loco (part 3)


left over colors

holdin' on

Photography as a Document: Rancho Poco Loco (part 2)

Black and White photography may seem more documentary than color.  But who are we to judge what photographers question.  Francisco Mata Rosas wrote this article about Documentary photography versus other approaches

I chose to post these photos in Black and White because they had the Black and White feel to them.  This is part of a collection of images of my home in Von Ormy, Texas.    More info on the first post of the collection.

Thanks again faithful viewers.